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Ache All You Can

I am never going to eat at an eat-all-you-can-buffet anymore.

Yesterday, for my mom's birthday, we did nothing but eat. Shanghai Bistro for lunch and Alba's for dinner. Oh lord, I don't think I've eaten that much in quite some time.

At lunch there was soup and fried rice and century eggs and seaweed and chicken and beef, I thought I had already quite a bit, but then when we got to dinner and I saw the buffet, I just couldn't say no. How could I? There was paella, and roast beef and pork suckling and shells and so many other goodies.

Now I am reaping the fruits of what I've sown. My stomach is aching like crazy and I seriously don't want to touch food right now. Maybe later, but not now.

So much for self-control.
Tags: food, health, parents
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