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Who needs Camp?

I never went to summer camp as a kid. At least I don't have the recollection. Instead, I remember weeks on end we'd spend at my grandma's house, sleeping over with all of my other cousins. I dont remember exactly what we'd do ALL day, but I knew it was two things: tiring and fun.

Now, I prefer staying in my own house. I like sleep overs, but I can't do it for too long anymore. Overnight maybe. I'm too attached to my bed, my bathroom, the computers, the tv. I'm very materialistic.

But then I realize that when at home during the summer, I've got all sorts of things to do. We're like multiple summer camps onto ourselves.

  • Fat Camp
    I dont know what they do there, but everyone is on a mission to get Paola to gain some weight. My little sister just happens to be underweight and too small, so she's being fed way too much food and being asked to drink so much milk. I honestly thank god I didn't have a problem gaining weight (more like I gain too much), because this girl has consumed so much in ten days. good news though, she grew half an inch in ten days.
  • Summer School
    I think today marked the start of summer review class for Pio. He's entering Grade 7 and apparently, they have to take an entrance test to High school. Gack! I'm so lucky I didnt have to go through that. Seriously. I think even Paola participated, as it looked like it was a bit of fun. I'm just glad my summer class is over.
  • Driver's Ed
    Other than my 15 hours of class in A1, I actually had another class with my aunt. I'd drive around the village at first, then I'd move on to the high way and before I knew it, I was taking people home in Santolan! Huge achievement for me, considering my first stab at driving had me going at 10kph with my warning lights on the entire time.
  • Music Lessons
    My younger siblings happen to be music geniuses, and I'm not even kidding. Pietro and Paola are so good at their instruments (and at such a "young" age) that I feel like I'm always in the middle of a concert. Seriously. I wish I could only be as good as they are on piano and guitar.
  • Foreign Language
    Watching Korean TV series have its perks. Yes, I barely understand them, but thanks to subtitles, I think I'm actually learning. Sure, my vocabulary is limited to only: yes, no, love, don't go and the such, but I think I understand so much more than before. Now that we're re-watching Winter Sonata on DVD, we're not only learning the language, we're also doing cultural appreciation through the hotness of Bae Young Joon.

    Seriously, who needs summer camp? I paid nothing and am having tons more fun at home. Or this could all be a lame excuse for being a bum during the summer. Either way, this summer has been a pretty good one. And its only going to get better -- PB's coming home!
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