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Pamy, my sister, has an affinity for blog stalking just like I do and all I have to say is I serioiusly pray that I won't ever have to go through such a life shattering, mind boggling experience, because then, I would be so miserable and honestly, life is too short to go through too much misery. (Run on sentence, anyone?) I know that it's unavoidable, but if I can help it, I'll be smart enough to make decisions wherein I know the possibility of me getting hurt is close to zero.

Sure... I'm being preachy, but I don't want to put myself through any social trauma or whatever just because I followed my heart. I know that it's silly of me to be saying this, when I have no control over what cards are given me, but I think that the only thing I can do is to play my cards right. Maybe life's dealt me a bad hand, but every great player has to make do with what she has instead of cursing to the high heavens.

Enough drama

* * *

Today was supposed to be Thoroughly Prepared Thursday. That's when I'm supposed to shop for school supplies etc. but see, I haven't a clue what my teachers are going to give me. So instead of doing that, I'm going to wrap my books. Not exciting, I know, but it'll give me time to ponder what exactly lays beneath the covers of those books.

Physics, for example, has about 700 pages between those flimsy covers and I find it difficult to comprehend that I'm supposed to learn everything in that book. I don't exactly want to become a physicist. Still, I'm not going to give it a negative thought, because according to my mom, you shouldn't think negatively, or it will turn out that way.

Speaking of my sewing machine-loving mom, she's so much better now!!! Our house help has come back -- so soon -- and I'm not complaining. Her mini-hiatus has served her well and has invigorated her. Not only her, but me too! Now, my mom has less on her mind and I don't have to feel too guilty about being a selfish brat. That's a great thing! I hate feeling guilty.

Emotionally draining afternoon, I tell you. That's what we get for being such snoops.
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