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Try Harder Next Time, Brit

I have to admit that at one point in my life, I actually adored Britney Spears. Recently though, things have been a little iffy around her. For me, it all started when she broke up with Justin Timberlake. Seriously, after that, I just lost it. Then she married Jason Alexander, divorced him and actually married K-Fed and had a baby, and now is pregnant again.

Seriously, I think they're actually right.

Anyway, I actually went to the site and it's hilarious. They've got pretty solid proof. I'm not saying Britney is an unfit mother, because lord knows it's difficult to actually be one. I guess she just needs time to adjust. In fact, it's probably a lot harder for her because she's in the glare of the spotlight. Good luck to her when Sean Preston grows up though. That'll be even more fun.

I for one, know I can't be a mom. Today, I went with my little siblings to go buy their school shoes. I actually liked buying school shoes when I had to. Yes, there isn't much variety when it comes to black leather shoes with a heel that can't go past 1 inch (thanks to "strict" high school rules), but I really had fun. I don't think my siblings were quite the same.

Props to my mom for actually being really patient with them. The shoe is either too small, too big, or the style doesn't suit them. I don't blame them for being picky though -- you might as well buy something you like. I just can't handle having to do that every single year. I just have no patience for it. And kids = patience.

I guess what I'm trying to say is that Britney (though being really tortured by the press), shouldn't take things too hard. Yeah, she needs to improve, but it'll take time. It is her first baby after all. I'm not defending her, I guess I just feel for her. Good luck on the second kid though. By then, she won't have any more excuses for dropping her baby. Till Britney's next frontpage.
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