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Turn The Page

Since Idol season is over (for me), I've decided to change layouts/moodtheme/icons/userinfo. The thing is, I'm really interested in switching styles, but I happen to suck at trying to figure out how to make the sidebar in flexible squares work out.


Alas, I failed in that area. No worries though, I've always been drawn to the simplicity of The Boxer. One day, I shall conquer that crazy layout. In the meantime, I shall indulge myself and my current obsession with Daniel Henney and Spring Waltz. I'm back to episode 4 again, except this time, I am armed with SUBTITLES! Definitely so much better. I have yet to fix my icons and the userinfo, but all in good time.

I watched The Da Vinci Code movie last weekend and contrary to what all the critics have to say, I actually liked it. I wouldn't pay to watch it again in the cinema, but I would definitley buy it on DVD. I have to say at first i was against Tom Hanks playing Langdon, but throughout the movie, he definitely proved why he got the role.

Then again, I'm no critic, so I'm so easy to please.

5 Days till _lexizzle comes home!!!

Seriously, I didn't even think he would be able to come home thanks to the hullaballo at JetStar. Thank goodness that's over.

And a HUMONGOUS thanks to Niq and Tita Letty for the autographed-books-to-be. I am a HUGE Meg Cabot fan and I read her blog religiously. And apparently, she was at the same Book Fair that Niq was in. So gorgeous cousin actually gets autographed books for me!!! Sweeet!!!!

Squee!!! ♥

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