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I finally went.

Ever since last year, I've been hearing things about the famed 168. Everyone kept saying how cheap things were and how everything was really a bargain. I've been to Greenhills and I thought things there were pretty cheap. I'm not exactly in love with shopping -- it actually depresses me at times, but I really wanted to check this place out.

Then, during the un-eventful CWTS2, Anna, Ana and I out of boredom, decide to pay the bargain-mecca a visit. Unfortunately, 168 isn't exactly in our neighborhood. It's so damn far away, it will take 5 different rides just to get there from my place (a whopping P73.00 -- I find out today). At first I was really psyched to go. But then, the lazy bum in me just wanted to chill at home. With the DSL going on, why do I even need to get out of the house (obvioulsy a very loser-type statement)?

But alas, with Elliott's elimination from Idol and Spring Waltz's finale over, there is NOTHING to look forward to. The very things feeding my bum-like-existence have just disentigrated. Plus, maybe a little retail therapy will get me out of the Elliott-rut I'm in.

So today, I actually brave the five rides going there and the five rides coming home for the sake of saving a buck. And saving I do. I bring as little money as possible (on purpose) to avoid impulse spending. In the end, Double Nizzle and I are pretty good people. We spent just enough, I think. I end up buying a shirt, sneakers and DVDs for Pamy. I was never much of a shopper, especially if its my money I'm spending. One things for sure though, when I've got my financiers (mom and dad) back in town, I am going back to 168.

Speaking of endings, yesterday, when Elliott got voted off, I was also caught up in the ending of one of my most favorite KDramas ever: the Spring Waltz finale. I've watched one too many of these types of shows and based on what I've seen, they make their endings as simple and open-ended as possible.

Spring Waltz begs to differ. This drama gave me everything I wanted in and ending.You want suspense? Oh yeah. You want a meaningless death? They've got it. You want an almost disappointing pairing off right before the end? They'll trick you into it. You want to see Incheon Airport? Yay (hangover from my trip last year, obviously).

You want a wedding? They'll give you one. You want even more snow in Austria? They'll throw that in too. You want a bridge scene where the leads meet up in the middle for a very short kiss? Oh yes. You want a wedding? Why not. Complete with wedding pictures at that.

And I thought it ended there. You want a reconcilliation of formerly evil characters/ex-lovers? Hard to believe, but they'll actually toss that for free. You want to find out what profession the leads will one day take and how their "dream house" looks? Right on partner! They've got that too. You want to see the leads eating in the school cafeteria? No? Well, they'll still give that one. You want to see the leads looking onto the new set of leads (aka small kid brother of lead character) repeating the past? Not quite. They'll hand that over too.

You want to see the entire show move into a retirement home? Yes. Unfortunately, they won't give you that. Basically, this show's finale gives you EVERYTHING you could want in the span of an HOUR. Seriously. I didn't think I would see THAT much action in one episode. One things for sure, I'm NOT complaining.

Lastly, this just makes me laugh. And this made me drool.
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