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My Thpiwit Hath Been Bwoken

Depressed doesn't even cut it.

Even if I prepared myself for this. Just actually knowing it happened breaks my heart. I guess you really can't have it all. Elliott was a genuinely talented guy. He was humble and he was sweet. He was loving.

Pamy and I are just sad as ever. He didnt have to go this way. It makes me sad because I know he could have made it next week (to the finale) if only the judges didnt underpraise him. He is so worthy of their praise and yet he failed to receive it.

I dont know if I'll have the will to watch the finale now. Elliott was the underdog who made it past anyone else's expectations. Even my own. He soared through every week with an unknown song, and yet made it popular and loved by everyone.

I just dont have enough words to describe how bad I'll miss Elliott. He was a true talent. He deserved to win this thing. Maybe he wasn't as marketable as others, but to me, he will always be: MY American Idol 5.

Season 6 probably won't cut it for me. Here's to the finals. I really don't care anymore.

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