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Feeever Pitch!

I watched Fever Pitch this afternoon and I have yet another movie to add to my growing list of cute movies.

I haven't read the book by Nick Hornby nor have I watched the original movie with Colin Firth in it, but I really enjoyed this version. This movie not only has Drew Barrymore but the always adorable Jimmy Fallon.

I've loved Jimmy Fallon on SNL, but I never really noticed what a cute leading man he'd be. He was just the cutest! He was so adorable as the "school teacher." I would have wanted to end up with him in a heartbeat.

Then the obsessive baseball side came out. I was a little freaked by his extreme devotion, but I guess it was something formed out of habit. I can't imagine not missing a single game since he was seven. That's just whoa!

Drew's character was right to be jealous because she was just being rational. It was so sweet of him though that he was willing to sell his tickets just for her. I know that it probably won't ever happen in real life, because diehard fans will always remain diehard fans, but it was just sweeet.

And I loved the scene where she ran across the field. Apparently, if that ever happened, they wouldn't telecast it, but it was so cute how she dodged them all. And Jimmy Fallon was just sooooo adorable. I wanted to give him a hug throughout the entire thing.

I know this is probably really late, but for anyone who hasn't watched the movie; it is a must. I'm not even a fan of baseball and I super enjoyed it. Jimmy + Drew = ♥♥♥

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