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I Wish

I'm reading this book called Be Careful What You Wish For thanks to my fabulous Tita Letty and I'm only in the first chapter, but the lead girl loves making little wishes. Not huge ones (like wishing I'd end up with Daniel Henney or anything -- though I wouldn't mind), just small-everyday types. Anyway since I was in the mood, I might as well.

  • I wish Elliott Yamin would win American Idol. I know this is a HUGE wish, but seriously, he so deserves it. He's got the talent and he's been consistent. And it would totally make my summer.
  • I wish someone else was the guest speaker at my high school graduation. I'm not even sure who made it, but these kids at Tulane University were lucky.

    I don't know if I'm her only fan, but I love Ellen De Generes!!! I think she's hilarious and it would have been a blast to have her at graduation.
  • I wish I could have a debut all over again. Pamy and I attended Meg's ginormous debut last Saturday at Crowne Plaza and it made me want a GRAND debut again. I loved my 18th birthday, but something about the hotel and the dresses and the dancing made me want one.

  • I wish Spring Waltz didn't have to end so soon. I'm already in episode 17 of the wonderful series and it's three episodes left to it. It ends tomorrow in Korea and I'm totally devastated. No more english lines from Daniel Henney. No more cutesy scenes from Han Hyo-Joo and Suh Do-Young. No more loveliness to look forward too. And I heard that ABS-CBN bought the rights to the show, not GMA. To think GMA was the one who showed the first three Endless Love series. I guess, I'm really going to have to wait for the DVD.
  • I wish it were still cold. I know that Caloy brought a lot of casualties, but it was just so nice and cold. Now, it's back to the sweltering heat. Gar.

    Happy Birthday delser!!!
    I hope you enjoy your fab day!
    take care of yourself always
    keep on smiling!
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