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Not Quite Tired

Exhausted doesn't even begin to describe how I feel right now.

I woke up extra early today because I had to trek to San Pedro Laguna to fulfill the crazy CWTS2 requirement.

Arriving at the MRT station on North Avenue, I was already overwhelmed by the sheer amount of people there. Seriously, I couldn't fathom the fact that this happens there every morning. People were spilling onto the street. I should have brought the camera to immortalize the fact. Tita Lilet was right. I didn't even have to walk up the stairs. The mass of humanity behind me pushed me up.

The trip wasn't bad at all. It took a relatively short amount of time to get there, but I was just so sleepy the entire time. Anna and I had agreed that she would do the talking and I would do the writing. We started our very own "systematic" sampling count of every three houses. I seriously don't know if we flubbed that, but we got it done.

Still, the heat of the sun was just unbearable. Walking along the train tracks, and trying to get people to answer the survey was no easy deal. About 5 people rejected us and some people weren't very cooperative. But over-all, it was pretty good. I'll chalk it up to experience.

Now the work comes. Tabulation and presentation to a panel of Journ professors. Not exaclty my cup of tea. Maybe someone else can do the talking again for me. Boy, am I in the wrong course or what?

Anyway, today gave me an even greater respect to all those CommRes students out there. I just can't imagine myself going through crummy field work only to analyze and make wonderful analysis on the given data. Not my idea of fun, for sure.

In other news, I'm jealous.

There goes one of MY other boyfriends, Prince Harry looking all handsome before skydiving. Point is, there in his arms is none other than girlfriend, Chelsey Davy. When oh when did he decide that I wasn't enough? According to Just Jared, Chelsey's dad is being investigated for some financial fraud. Seriously. How could I even make this up?

All I have to say is: Harry, my dad doesn't have any cases against him! Tscha!
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