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Brand New Boyfriend

I literally wasted away yesterday watching the first five episodes of Spring Waltz on none other than YouTube. Seriously. The funny part is, it's in Korean without subtitles. Obviously this is just so that I get my Daniel Henney fix for the day.

On a little side note, I can't believe he's dating Maggie Q from MI:3. I know she's pretty, but she isn't all that to me. (In comes Patty's rabid jealousy of girlfriends of the guys she knows she will never have **cough**KirstenDunst**cough**) And after doing a little research, I find out that not only does she have Dan as her boyfriend, she also get to sit next to Andy Roddick at the Lacoste Fashion Show. Some girls just have it all.

Anyway, back to the point. Dan's the only one who speaks English on the show, so he's the only one I really understand. The rest of the time, I'm just guessing what they're saying. The thing is, I know they're going to show it here too on GMA 7. But knowing theses folks, they're going to stretch it for all it's worth. So, once that damn DVD comes out, I am snatching it!!!

Episode 1 was really good because there were these little montages of Philip (Dan's character) and Eun Young Han Hyo Joo's character -- who also happens to be my age in REAL LIFE and she gets to galivant around Austria with my Daniel!!! the lucky girl) complete with the heart-wrenching sounds of Damien Rice's Cannonball. Seriously. It was too cute to be true.

The next two episodes were more of a back story of the lead girl and Jae Ha (the lead guy played by Suh Do Young -- who Pamy thinks is cute, so this show is just perfect for us as we won't have to be all territorial on our guys) when they were kids so I wasn't paying attention much.

Finally, we get to episode 4. Glorious Episode 4. Point is, There's this little itty bitty part there where Eun-Young "trips" and I think she hurts her foot. Now I've watched my share of Korean dramas, and I know that they carry their folk on their backs (piggy back style). But since Philip isn't really from Korea, he carried her the "normal" way.

wanna watch this? click here!!!

I almost died when he picked her up and did the entire "bride-groom" carrying through the threshold thing. It was like a split second, but I really really melted. Maybe it was the fact that I was really just jealous of Han Hyo Joo. She's my age and she not only gets to act with Daniel Henney, she gets carried too!!!

Seriously, this drama has so much potential. I'm loving it already and I'm only in episode 5. If I watch one episode every day, I'll be done by the time summer ends. Of course, it wouldn't hurt at all, if I understood Korean.
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