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Josh Harntett

The American Idol
He's cute, that's a given. In fact, now that I think about it, all of his roles have him as a really cute guy. Not only cute, but nice. Let me stress that NICE part, because I don't think he's played anyone too repulsive.

Sure, he's gone the horny little boy route, but even that character was so endearing. From that rugged soldier in Black Hawk Down and Pearl Harbor to that perverted guy-turned celibate in 40 Days and 40 Nights to the hot yoga teacher slash cop in Hollywood Homicide, he definitely delivers.

And yet, I never gave him much thought. He doesn't enter my mind once I think of HOT guy. Still, now that I read more and more about him -- he still lives in Minnesota, the more he appeals to me. Seriously. I wouldn't say I liked him, but over-all, I think he's pretty hot (my standards aren't very high, obviously). When they say he's the American Idol, they weren't kidding. He's your average clean-cut, good-boy who you wouldn't mind bringing home to mom.

In fact, I wouldn't mind bringing him home at all.

**out of a possible five
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