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Clearly Wasting The Summer

I think every single girl in my family has at least a teensy crush on Hugh Jackman and I seriously don't blame them. He's got the looks (oh so hot) and the talent (he sings really well and acts too). In other words, he's just nearing perfection in our collective vision.

Seeing this picture just added the cherry to the icecream. Seriously. Could Hugh get any more adorable? It's not the courtside seats that I'm ogling at (okay, maybe that too), but the way they're interacting. That's just too damn sweet.

What a lucky boy

In other non-celebrity news, which means non-American Idol, non-Holywood crap, which really means just my plain boring life... CWTS 2 has been surprisingly more enjoyable than CWTS 1. Not that I've really enjoyed either. Other than hanging out with the nizzle, double nizzle and rinizzle, it's been kind of bland.

Anyway, the second CWTS requires that we go all the way to San Pedro (which I think is in Laguna) to survey 20 respondents on why they read romanc novels and then compile the data to present it in front of a panel of Journalism and Communication Research professors. Yet, I still like this one.

Maybe I enjoy it more because I don't have to go to class. It's too bad we could only go in pairs. Anna, Ana, and I couldn't even be in the same team. It all came down to drawing lots made from Ana's pad paper. So it ended with Anna and I getting paired off, and Ana was lucky to find a partner. It's all good though, because Ana got assigned to Tandang Sora, which is a million times nearer than wonderful San Pedro.

I'm not complaining though. My group looks really responsible. Besides us freshies (Anna and myself), we've got 4 CommRes upperclassmen with us. I guess they're used to surveying people and all. So we shouldn't be too lost when we saunter into unfamiliar waters of romance novel surveying.

Since Anna and I didn't go to the ocular today, we volunteered ourselves to labor over the presentation. Considering we're BroadComm students, we should at least be able to muster up some sort of presentation. Video is out because it's too time consuming and impractical, considering the fact that we're just going to be presenting graphs and tables. So we decided on doing a Flash presentation. Thing is, despite the fact that we were forced to learn it during senior year in high school, I still don't understand it. Beautiful. Must break out that Dummy guide to Flash then. Can't exactly flub this one.

In the end, I still wish we didn't have to do any of this, because it's seriously messing with my summer. Clearly Wasting The Summer indeed.
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