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25 Hottest Stars Under 25

I am an obvious fan of lists of sorts and Teen People's little list of 25 Hottest Stars under 25 just won't escape me. Then again, this is my personal opinion, so I don't think anyone should take it against me. This is going to be a daily commentary of what I think of each of the 25 "Hottest" Stars under 25.

I highly doubted that Merriam Webster would have the fitting definition for HOT so I decided to consult the Urban Dictionary.Com to see what they thought HOT meant.

  1. A desciptive word for matter when in a state more excited than usual. Touching a hot object generally gives a painful, stinging sensation.
    The glowing hot sheet of aluminium burned my hand when I touched it.

  2. Having great sexual attractivity.
    The girl on the other side of the street was the hottest person I had ever laid my eyes upon.
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