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Add a bit of Sizzle to your day

There's really something about Wentworth that just makes me drool.

Thanks to Kimi for giving me the heads up on this one. Apparently, dear Wentworth is going to be guesting on the Ellen De Generes show. Knowing how late we get things over here, I scooted over to Just Jared because if anything Wentworth comes up, he's sure to have it.

Lucky for me, it led straight to the YouTube version of the interview. And though a really quick interview, Ellen packs the punch. I love Ellen, probably just as much as Kim does and the fact that she's already interviewed Jake and now Wentworth just make me love her all the more. After watching the interview, it just reaffirmed my non-pet-friendly stance (as I too, am allergic to fur/hair) and I'll probably brush up on my Jane Austen literature. You know, just in case.

And, you know you want to, so just CLICK HERE for a little more sizzle to the already scorching summer.

As if that wasn't enough, I watched The Sentinel with my dad and Pietro last Friday and I really liked it. Hard to believe, but other than romantic comedies, I love a good political/action movie. I especially like it when there's just enough hotness in it.

The Sentinel stars Michael Douglas, Eva Longoria and Kiefer Sutherland. The plot was pretty cool and I actually really enjoyed the movie. Of course the fact that my favorite CTU agent, Jack Bauer was in it definitely heightened the experience. There was no romantic angle on the character of Kiefer, other than the mention of his wife, but somehow everytime he came on screen, I just wanted to melt. He looked so good in his suits, running around with his gun, that I just had to remind myself to keep on breathing.

I actually hoped there would be some romantic relationship between him and Eva's character. But that would just be asking too much. Nevertheless, I thoroughly enjoyed the movie and just because Kiefer's in it, I might even add to our ever-growing DVD collection.

I think I just added a few degrees to the already blistering 35º C. And to think a year ago, today I was enjoying the lovely New York weather. Widthrawal anyone?

Happy 24th Birthday aprilbegins!!!
I hope you have the most fantabulous day ever!
You deserve to have some fun
take care of yourself! ♥
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