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Biggest Loser

I'm a reality-tv-whore. I'll watch almost any reality-tv show. Lately, I've gotten a little sick of the usual fare though. Survivor doesn't quite work for me anymore. After The Outback and hottie Colby not winning, I said buh-bye. I only watch The Bachelor when the "bachelor" is actually hot. Andrew Firestone was the last hot one for me. For Love or Money has always been a little too skanky for me, nevertheless entertaining.

I still get entertained with Amazing Race, but I don't follow that regularly. And of course, there's always the good old American Idol.

Still, I'm always on the look out for new reality tv shows to watch. I caught the premiere of The Biggest Loser a few weeks back and though I didn't religiously follow it every week, I enjoyed watching it whenever I caught it.

look at that change!!!

I thought the show had a fresh theme (they weren't matching lovers, vying for a singing contract, or worse, waiting to get kicked out of a house/island/whatever). It is similar to other reality shows like Weighing In and Celebrity Fit Club, but since those aren't showing here, I'll have to settle for what my cable has.

Point is, I've gotten really attached to the Blue Team because first off, they had nicer team members. Yes, some were coniving and evil; but on the general side, the blue team had cooperation and really were at least nice to one another. Also, they had a HOTTER trainer. With a trainer that hot, pushing me to work out, I so would. Bob Harper was the bestest trainer in that house.

The finale of the show was last night, and it had three of the contestants left. My personal favorite was Gary Deckham. He was so nice and close to his family. And for me, he lost A LOT of weight. He lost to Ryan -- who won by a measly ONE point. It really sucks, because he didn't get th $250,000 but at least I know he really worked for it. I thought he was robbed and that's that.

If you read about them on the website, you'll see that Gary really worked hard, and Ryan just starved himself a few days before the final weight in. Yeah, Ryan lost more weight (whatever), but he was always mean to people on the show.

Anyway, this show has totally inspired me to lose weight. I just know I can be so much healthier if I tried. And if they were able to lose more than 70 pounds on the show, then I can so lose 10-15 pounds.

Now, if only I had that much determination. Must get off my ass and get back to those weights. Must also get away from the refridgerator.

Who am I kidding?

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