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American Songbook Night

Pamy and I have been looking forward to this week for so long, it felt like the week was a month. She was so excited, she actually wrote and ENTIRE entry dedicated to the possible song choices. This is a miracle! Pamy never updates. So please, go on and CLICK it because Pamy's entries are even rarer than Chris wowing me with his performances. Go ahead. You know you want to.

  • Chris Daughtry - "What a Wonderful World"
    Chris, Chris, Chris... I wasn't impressed. Although I have to give him credit for not "rock-ifying" the song, I thought his performance was bland. Yes, he tried to be "sensitive," but the vocals were just flat. I didn't think he did a great job with such a bad song choice. Again, not revolting, but not his best either. I appreciate the effort, but I so don't commend him for anything. It was just blah.

  • Paris Bennett - "Foolish Things"
    We gotta "hawt" one in the house! Once again, Paris has brought it! I thought she gvae an AMAZING rendition of a somewhat difficult song to sing. She has this way of pronouncing every single syllable, and making it sound really great. I thought she was pitch perfect, and her runs just blew me away. Her hair was really nice too. I wasn't the biggest fan of her suit, but at least she tried looking appropriate. Paris' voice just blows me away. She may remind me of Fantasia, but she's a THOUSAND times better.

  • Taylor Hicks - "You Send Me"
    I like Taylor. I wasn't such a fan of the song though because I didn't think it would do justice to his vocals. At first, I was worried for him. But when he got to the bridge and he did that Taylor-trademark-going-crazy-with-his-body-and-vocals. He really salvaged it and it was decent to listen to. Not his best performance, but certainly miles better than Chris. Plus, the fact that he's NEVER been in the bottom three like Chris and Kellie, kind of assures me that he won't be in the bottom three this week.

  • Elliott Yamin - "It Had to Be You"
    He-llo hottie! I thought he started it off really adorably. Contrary to what Simon said, I thought Elliott had a TON of personality. In fact, this was probably the first time I saw him really comfortable on stage. Plus he looked so cute. Then of course, let's discuss the REAL important part: his vocals. I thought he did a spectacular job on the singing. Yes, it wasn't as great as his Teach me Tonight excellence. Nevertheless, this performance was most definitely NOT bottom three worthy. Lord knows he did so much better than those twits who've never been in the bottom three. If can finally be trusted, then I can breathe. Elliott was amazing and that is that.

  • Kellie Pickler - "Bewitched Bothered and Bewildered"
    If she DOESN'T get kicked out after that, I might actually shoot myself. Melissa McGhee (Remember her? first person to get knocked out of the top 12; unworthy member of the top 12; or as Pamy likes to think, stole David's spot from the top 12?) got the boot for forgetting her lines. I think Kellie should be whacked for going too fast. Hello? Rod Stewart already advised her to take it slow. I know it's a difficult song, but suck it up, you chose it. Other than the over-eagerness to finish the song, she was flat on some of the notes -- crucial notes at that. I like Kellie, I really do. In fact, I was actually willing to believe that her naïveté was sincere, but after tonight, I really hope she goes. She's never tasted the bottom three (thanks to her legion of fans), but I objectively believe she was the WORST this week.

  • Ace Young - "That's All"
    Why the hell is he still in the competition? Because he's got a hella lot of female fans. Seeing him tonight, all dolled up (complete with pulled back hair, and ill-fitting suit), Ace knows he's next on the chopping block if he doesn't shape up. After last week's horrific performance, I have to say that Ace did improve. I actually kind of enjoyed it. It was good, and definitely better than Kellie. Still, not enough to keep him in the game. If he stays, it better be Kellie who goes. But hey, this guy has more saves than Scott Savol (i'm not sure on that, but it might actually be true).

  • Katherine McPhee - "Someone to Watch Over Me"
    Wow. She is back. After last week's shrill performance, Katherine decides to downplay things a bit. Simon gives her the "best performance" crap, but I don't think so. I would give that to Paris. Still, I liked her performance. She had a stellar vocal. I don't know why I'm not so sold on it though. Maybe I was waiting for her to do just a teensy weensy bit of belting to show Paris that she's also got what it takes. I appreciate the fact that she tried doing the entire song on just that soft, barely a whisper voice of her (she needs to give her vocal cords a rest), but there were parts in the song where I felt she could have done a little belting and she didnt. Nevertheless, I thought she looked absolutely gorgeous. She looked so beautiful, I swear Ace was jealous. Bottom line: Katherine does NOT deserve to be in the bottom three, she deserves to be on the top three on this one.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Kellie
    2. Ace
    3. Chris

    I wouldn't mind seeing my ENTIRE bottom three disappearing in one kick out show. But that would just be like I died and went straight to heaven in the arms of Jake Gyllenhaal.

    Of course, I doubt any of them would even make it to the bottom three -- which leaves OUR Elliott to suffer. Please dont kick him out yet. One more week... (and we repeat this chant every week).

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