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Lock me Up!

As if the summer wasn't HOT enough!

My number one inmate, Wentworth Miller just increased the temperature a notch.

this is the lucky girl who is locked in a radio booth with Wentworth for more than 9 freaking minutes!!!
yes, that is his hand on her shoulder!

Taken from Just, click right HERE to listen to Wentworth's oh so sexy voice, as he gets interviewed by a lucky BBC radio person.

All I can say is, HOLY CRAP. Kill me.

His voice is so deep and slow and smooth, I was literally pulling at my hair as I listened to him. It's like pouring honey on pancakes. Just easy on the ears -- not to mention how easy he is on the eyes.

There's this part where he mentions how the tattoos he has on the show are taken off him. If there is a job opening for the person who applies the tattoos on him, I am SO THERE!!! It takes 4 yummy hours to apply them. Imagine four hours with Wentworth's naked upper body. Help!

Or like he mentioned, I could also apply to be the person, who has to scrub the damn thing off him. He did mention that it gets sticky. I have my loofah on hand already. Or why use a loofah, when I can use my bare hands. Lord god.

Of course, I barely listened to what the hell he was saying, but I just wanted to die. Did I mention he graduated from Princeton!?!

A hot, smart guy, who I so don't mind listening to. I so wouldn't mind spending my time locked up in a 8 x 10 cell with him. Right. now.
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