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Totally Tushie Tuesday

Funny, how I was looking at that countdown thing to school and today, I'm actually following what I'm supposed to be doing. In fact, now that I think about it, I've been doing Totally Tushie Tuesday> the entire summer. Here's what it's supposed to be about:

Wake up whenever you darn well feel like it! Note: You are not allowed to brush your hair or adjust your bed-head ponytail! This is your day to be worry-free, sloth about the house, be a lazy girl-slug. In fact, DO NOT look in a mirror, make your bed or open the curtains. Roll out of bed, grab your pillow. Make a bowl of cereal, turn on the TV and set yourself up on the couch. Watch as much tube as you want. When that gets boring, grab some nutritionally worthless munchies (soda, chips, frozen pizza rolls, name your poison) and pop in a DVD.

I think I know a few other people who do this all the time too. I won't name any names to protect their reputations though.

My brothers had their first day of school today and when they got home, I finally woke up. The point is, I can totally tell the difference between my brothers' attitude during the summer and during school. They barely answered my questions about their first day. They weren't speaking to one another during lunch and they were barely chewing their food.

That's what school can do to you! My brothers were so full of life! They were so jolly and funny and they talked to me! Now... now, it's such a shame! They've sucked the life out of my young brothers. Poor them. The thing is, I will be just like them soon. I will be lifeless and boring and stressed and cautious.

Is that what school's supposed to do to us, children -- the future? Aren't they supposed to cultivate our brains and enrich our spirits? No, they fry our heads with useless jargon -- some of it, and deplete us of our energy. That's what school is now. So, am I excited to get back to school?

Not at all.

Especially when I can have Totally Tushie Tuesday every single day.
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