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My Little Manhattan

I watched Little Manhattan yesterday on DVD. I have to admit at first, I wasn't very optimistic about the movie. How could I? I was no fan of children and for me, it just wasn't believable that they could "fall in love" at such a young age. So I wasn't so optimistic with the movie.

This movie definitely changed my mind. Meet Gabe Burton and Rosemary Telesco. Two pre-pubescent kids who had started out as sparring partners, and one thing led to another, Gabe ended up falling for her.

what I loved about the movie was that it I thought it wasn't cheesey or annoying. I didn't even cringe, considering I hate little girls, and I didn't roll my eyes considering Gabe actually professed his love for her. Yes, maybe I thought they were too young, but the movie really made me feel... all gooey.

And it just wasn't a love story about these kids but also about Gabe's parents. I thought Bradley Whitford and Cynthia Nixon did great jobs in the acting department. It was real and yet still entertaining.

Of course, the fact that it was shot in New York City -- my absolute favorite city in the world -- helped a ton. It was like I was back there again, obvioulsy still not over last year's summer vacation.

Stuff I loved about the movie:

  • I loved it when they show Central Park. That scene where Gabe "bumps" into Rosemary just made me squee. He was so adorable. This was the same guy from Zathura and I haven't watched that movie, but now I want to, because he was just so adorable in the movie.
  • His voice overs in the movie were just well placed and well-written. And I totally felt for him the entire time.
  • There was a scene where Gabe was crying his heart out because of heart ache, and I instead of getting annoyed (my usual reaction to most thing), I actually really felt for him. He looked really adorable while crying too.

  • And the fact that Rosemary lived with a view of Central Park just blew me away. I was so jealous of her. She was a kid who grew up in NYC!!! How lucky can she be? She is living the life I'm dreaming of. Obviously, I'm getting delusional. I'm getting jealous of a fictional character.
  • Rosemary also had cello lessons, karate class, tutoring whatever and she was the daughter of two actors, how much more can she have? Oh yeah, a cute little boy in love with her. Damn it!

  • On a side note, I wish I knew how to use a scooter, because Gabe was so good at it. They had shots of him whizzing through NYC streets, which I have to admit I was kind of scared to cross, and he just zoomed by them. He was really good on the scooter, turning corners really fast and all.
  • And the soundtrack of the movie was amazing!!! It had the right feel for the movie and every scene had just the right background. They even played Teach Me Tonight! Sweet.

    Obviously, I loved this movie and I fully recommend that everyone watch it. Sure, I didn't wish I were in love, but I felt really light and happy afterward. The ending was realistic enough for me and it wasn't what I had expected. Still, I definitely would watch it again.

    Little Manhattan = ♥♥♥</center>
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