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Country Night

Just to make things clear, I am NOT a country music fan. I can tolerate only so much of it and if given a choice, I would not listen to it. However, as this was the chosen theme, which I really think is totally unfair, I grinned and went through it.

Weird thing happened too. It usually airs at 6pm over here, and suddenly, I come home at 5:45 and it's almost OVER. What the hell is up with that Star World???

Anyway, I couldn't believe that it was Kenny Rogers helping the contestants out. I've taken a bite at his restaurant once too many times and I've seen the many pictures on the walls, and he looks VERY different. At least to me. In fact, he looks much better for me. Great haircut.

  • Taylor Hicks - "Take Me Home, Country Roads"
    I have to say that I wasn't impressed. Taylor's good, and I really like him, but this just wasn't wowing me at all. And the fact that everyone's getting really good, scares me, because Taylor could go any day now. Thank goodness he's got fans, or so I hope. He's got to really bring it next time so that he stands out, because I wouldn't have remembered his performance if I didn't listen to the song again.

  • Mandisa - "Any Man of Mine"
    Again, I know Mandsa's got a great voice, and she can really belt it, but I just wasn't impressed by this performance. I thought she was yelling too much and I didn't think it was the best song choice for her. It didn't do much for her voice. Of course, she sounded okay doing it, and she looked like she enjoyed herself, but it just didn't do anything for me.

  • Elliott Yamin - "If Tomorrow Never Comes"
    He looked nervous, but I liked it a lot. I thought he did a pretty good job. Although he still looks kind of awkward on stage, I hope he gets over it soon. But listening to him again after the others had performed it kind of scared me because he might actually be the one to go this week. It was a great performance, but I don't know if it can stand up against the others. Still, I love the quality of his voice. He loves doing runs in the songs and its amazing. I almost died when he did the last part of the song. I wanted to jump him. Seriously. I hope his fans don't get complacent either so that they keep voting. I don't want Elliott to leave just yet.

  • Paris Bennett - "How Do I Live Without You"
    Again, I'm no Paris fan. But whoa. She can really bring it. Paris is a performer and unfortunately, I'm going to sound like Paula, but Paris really is a star. Her song choice was perfect for her voice and I thought she really did a great job. She may remind me of Fantasia, but she's so much better for sure. I thought it was a flawless performance. I loved her arrangement, and she gave it just the right amount of belting. Bravo.

  • Ace Young - "Tonight I Wanna Cry"
    I have to say that Ace gave a good performance. I actually liked it. He chose a great song, because it didn't make him move around too much and his voice was wow. He's more of a ballad boy and it was just like the audition-style-Ace. I liked the way he delivered the song, he didn't go flat or sharp and I just liked his performance this week. I actually listened to him. Wow.

  • Kellie Pickler - "Fancy"
    Simon was right, if she didn't do well this week, it would be a shame. I didn't think it was Kellie's best performance, but I thought she did a pretty good job. She was really at home on the stage. I didn't like her song choice much. I wanted her to do Man I Feel Like a Woman just so she could outdo Carrie Underwood because I know she can. Still, she did the best she could with the song.

  • Chris Daughtry - "Making Memories Of Us"
    Put this entry in your memories, folks. I'm actually going to say something GREAT about Chris. I actually liked his performance. There I said it. He listened to the judges comments and I thought he finally made me listen to him without covering my ears. He didn't shout and he didn't do the entire "rocker" mode thing. I liked his voice quality and I thought he had a sincerely great performance. Great song choice, wonderful delivery. This performance reminded me of why he's in the Top 12. Wonderful.

  • Katharine McPhee - "Bringing Out The Elvis in Me"
    Well, Katherine is back. I thought she did a good job. Not her best yet, but better than last week. The bottom three must have scared her because she added even more sex appeal to this performance. I liked the performance and the song was alright. Not my favorite, but definitely the right song to get her back in the game. She had a great performance and thank goodness she had her eyes opened while choosing her wardrobe. She looked 100 times better than last week.

  • Bucky Covington - "Best I Ever Had"
    Wow. I didn't even know this song wasn't originally done by Vertical Horizon. I swear I didn't know it was country. And I thought Bucky did an AMAZING job. His voice was just whoa and he actually blew me away. I was expecting a lot from him because it's his freaking genre and he really delivered. Unfortunately, his doing good this week means he's not going to get the boot just yet. Wonderful. I'm just scared that it might be Elliott even before Bucky. And that I just couldn't take.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Kellie
    2. Mandisa
    3. Taylor

    I must say that despite the not so stellar performances (compared to 50s night), tonight wasn't as bad as expected. People actually did pretty good. Thus, it was hard to decide on who would be in my personal bottom three. Still, I had to rank some people.

    All I can say is they better not kick out our Elliott!!!

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