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Week in Review

What a weekend! I can't believe we're already in april. That means I've got less than two weeks left of my "official" summer before I must trudge back to school for nothing but CWTS. Garr.

Saturday: Try out new things
I end doing commuting to Starbucks Tomas Morato because I'm supposed to interview a band, Pumping Pluto, so that I can write an artist profile about them. At first, I wasn't going to say yes to Tasha, but then mom convinces me that it shouldn't be too hard and I can eventually rank it up to experience. so I actually say yes.

Finally, I'm there at Starbucks waiting for the band to arrive and I'm getting really nervous. I shouldn't be, but the fact that I've never interviewed anyone in my life is getting me all jittery. Tasha assures me it isn't anything formal, and I know that. But I'm going to have to write something nice about them and I'm clueless as to what i'm going to do.

Finally, I meet 4/5 of the band (all male) and they turn out to be real nice guys. I'm not just saying that either, because I have to. But because they are. At first, they're all a bit quiet, minus Eric, the drummer who seems to be real talkative. Then Edward joins in the talkative game. They never get to convince Pilo and Magz, but it's all good. I end up asking really dumb ass questions, but I guess it's all good. I have enough information to write a novel on them.

Some time during the interview, Tasha comes over and hands me a Coffee Jelly Frappuccino. I'm a one-frappuccino-flavor-only-kind-of-girl. I've always been faithful to my wonderful Vanilla Bean frappuccino, and I don't think I've tried anything else, other than the occassional Strawberries and Cream time. But other than that, I have not ventured outside my tiny vanilla bubble. Thus, I was pleasantly surprised that I get to try a new flavor. And now I know why Hannah used to love this. It's amazing!!! The coffee flavor is great and the jelly stuff are awesome.

Anyway, their lead singer arrives, Star and she's even more talkative than the rest of them combined. And she's a girl. I find it easier to talk to girls who I do not know, over guys I don't know. I guess I was feeling all conscious and stuff. In the end, it was good. I really hope they this band makes it big because you can really tell they're working hard at it. So if you want to know more about them, just click here. Interview over, now I must actually get to writing the profile.

Sunday: Sing like there's no tomorrow
Niq, Mama Lily and Tita Lilet come over to our house right after we attend mass. This just means I'm not going to get ANYTHING done at all. Whenever they'r here, I enjoy myself way too much that I end up not doing anything.

However, I HAD to drag myself all the way to SM North EDSA because I HAVE to attend a two hour orientation on driving for my A1 driving class. If it wasn't required, I definitely wouldn't want to go. Who wants to waste two hours anyway in an orientation when I'm surely not going to remember anything I "learn" there when I'm suddenly out on EDSA all nervous on my first day at driving anyway?

I decide to make the most of it by choosing to sit next to a cute guy. Unfortunately, all the seats are facing front and I can't exactly walk all the way to the front just to scout the looks on the guys faces. Thus, I decide to judge these guys by their backs and I pick this cute back: a little skinny, nice hair cut, clean fresh neck and not slouching. I excuse myself when I pass him and when I sit next to him, I almost die. He's so not my type. A pre-pubescent boy who probably just can't wait to drive. He's in that awkward phase in his life; when he's not a boy, not yet a man. Whatever. He's just not my type.

I look past him and across the aisle, on our row, is a bonafide hottie! I want to hit myself in the head. How could I have not seen him? He looked like such a good boy. If anyone remembers that advertisement of some beauty prodcut where the lead girl is supposed to guess who her secret admirer is? There's Diego, the artist or soccer dude (I'm not sure), Paolo (the cute nice guy, I think) and Vincent (the confident guy). I'm not even sure of the names, but I think he looks like Vincent the confident guy. So cute that I don't get to concentrate much during the 2 hour seminar that starts late.

If only I had seated beside him, he may have offered me the french fries he was slowly chewing while waiting for the instructor to arrive. Instead, I had to content myself with staring at him from across the aisle.

I was going to leave that day, happy that I was able to sit across the unnamed cutie, when suddenly they start handing out our receipts. They have to call out our NAMES. So they call out his name. Ack! I have to admit that I already looked for him on Friendster, but to no avail, I can no longer stalk him.

When I got home, I end up starting a non-stop session of karaoke on the Magic Sing. At first Pamy was feeling all sick, but after a few warm up songs, everyone was getting into it. I set the bar for the high score with a 97, but Niq and Pamy eventually beat me with their actual singing.

It's already evening and I realize I still have not started on the artist profile. But I know I have to wake up early the next morning to go to LTO (land transportation office) to get my student driver's license. Thus, I end up sleeping staying over at Niq's place because it's so much nearer the destination. Niq and I stay up till god knows what time just to finish my work and her story.

Monday: Early bird gets the worm
I wake up real early and run to LTO. All that waking up early must have worked, because I'm in and out of there in 20 minutes maximum. Tita Lilet ends up teaching me really basic stuff and I totally suck at it. I end up getting a hang of a few things, but I'm definitely going to forget the next time I'm faced with the wheel.

I get so tired from lack of sleep + the first time driving experience (even if it is on a deserted back road in our village), I end up sleeping till noon today.

Today: Walk this way
Today, I finally attended my FIRST official driving lesson. I was preparing myself for the worst as I know they usually put the student in really nerve-wrecking situations like say EDSA or something. I started out inside a village, then went on to Commonwealth Avenue. I stalled so many times it's not even funny. My instructor was really nice though. I could tell he was getting really frustrated with me though because I kept forgetting to step on the brakes with the clutch or something like that.

Driving? Right now, it's not really my thing. I think I like walking much better.
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