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7 things that make me angry:
  • Bias of American Idol producers
    Despite it being a reality show, after 5 seasons, I know the producers have schemed to make sure their show remains top rated. And how do they do this? By being extremely biased towards the "popular" contestants, playing them up (clothes, anything my love Ryan says in their favor, lighting, how the band plays, news bits that are scattered on the internet etc) and making sure people vote for them despite their lack of talent.
  • Env Sci 1 group paper due on Friday.
    Yes, I should be glad Sir Rollon cancelled our exam, because I would have flunked it anyway, but please a paper!?! I hate papers just as much. I always end up compiling them and though this is torture is self-inflicted, I'm just angry I have to do something tomorrow instead of just chilling and putting off studying for my exams on Monday.
  • The Soc Sci 2 Final Exam
    I studied my ass off for that one. And still, I didn't know ANYTHING in that damn test. It's very difficult to distinguish Hobbes' ideas from Locke's ideas. And then there were Ricardo, Smith and Durkeim. Did I mention Plato, Aristotle, Augustine, Aquinas, Machiavelli, Rousseau, and Marx? Oh I didn't. My freaking bad. I don't know what bewitched me into choosing that subject knowing I'd have to be so damn studious/smart for it. Gar.
  • That Heat
    Damn its hot in herre! With a high of 33°C, I just feel like I'm going to burn. I find myself wanting to immerse myself into a bathtub of ice cubes just to beat the heat. And to think this isn't even the height of it all; it's bound to get hotter as the months progress. I hate the heat because it makes me feel sticky and icky. Why can't I just be in New York now?
  • Summer Class
    I know that all I'm doing is CWTS, but I don't want to do CWTS. I just want to enjoy my summer. Or at least take real subjects so I can lighten my "load" during the school year. I was hoping I could take Math 2 this summer, but no. I have to take 6 whole units of Community Service. Goodbye to the days of thinking of what else I could do during the summer, because I'm going to be so damn busy again. Rar.
  • Home Cable
    Some days, I find myself faced with a blue screen because the cable isn't working!?! What the hell is that all about? We're the clients and thus must be serviced. It's just really annoying, especially when I'm watching Prison Break or American Idol. Moreso when I'm tring to record something for Pamy and it gets cut off. That's just evil.
  • Cramps
    When it's that time of the month, I don't usually get any cramps, but somehow, I'm feeling extreme pain. And I'm not exactly one to complain (except now of course), and then I can't do anything, and even typing hurts. Yes, my fingers are far away from my uterus, but somehow, I just find it really painful and all I want to do is lay down.

    7 things that make me happy:
  • Prison Break
    I find it very difficult to follow the actual storyline thanks to Wentworth Miller's extreme hotness! Thus, I've resulted to reading the episode guides online and of course, I couldn't help myself so I read all the way to the current episode in the US, which is like episode 13 already. Nevertheless, I never found those prison uniforms so hot until Wentworth put them on. But when he takes them off, it's so much better!
  • Getting invited to try out for the Weight Lifting Varsity
    I enjoyed my PE, that's for sure. But I seriously didn't expect to get invited to try out for the team. Try-outs don't equal membership, but I just never saw myself as the weight lifting type. It's flattering that my teacher thinks I can do it, and I was really embarrassed when he started giving the entire class a rundown of why he thinks I deserve to be in the team, but I just don't see it. Still, I'm happy about it because I've never had a sport, and this was a glimmer of hope to my unfulfilled Olympic dream.
    For those who don't know what that is, it's the dream that in the 2012 London Olympics, I shall suddenly meet Prince Harry and he shall fall in love with me the way, Mary Donaldson met the Prince of Denmark and in the Sydney Olypmics and ended up marrying him and becoming a princess!!! Gack! Of course, in this dream, I was never an athlete, but this just made it possible.
  • More Userpics
    And I thought 15 was already a lot, LiveJournal decides to reward paid accounts with double the amount plus another one for every 3 months you remain paid. Wow. I've got over 500 icons waiting in the wings and it's so funny because I've got more icons than my actual entries. I'm not the only one with a lot of unused userpics though. **cough**Pamy**cough** When I really finish with school, I shall upload more userpics.
  • V For Vendetta
    I watched the movie with Pietro and I absolutely loved the movie. I also found myself crushing on V (Hugo Weaving). His actual face was never shown, and he was forever underneath the mask, but I found him really charming. His voice was perfect and his mannerisms were really cute. I wanted to give him a hug every other scene was in. He really cared for Evey (Natalie Portman -- who also delivered a great performance) and V was able to convince me of his frustration without having to see a "pained" expression on his face. V is love.
    I find myself on the forums of the website, desperately trying to upgrade my status of a mere Jake Fan (100 posts) to a Gyllenhaalic Wannabe (500 posts). It's going to take me lightyears to reach the ultimate status of True Gyllenhaalic (a whopping 3000 posts), but for now, I shall content myself with a daily dose of Jake pictures that never seem to run out over there.
  • Coke Light
    The only way I stay up exam time. I've given up on coffee -- it might stunt my "growth" -- so I've turned to Coke Light. During my highschool days, I used to drink 2 cans per exam night but this year, mom bought me the bottles instead. I know they're not healthy, but I love soda. The fizz and the sugar are really bad for me, and therefore are great. I end up with a lot of gas in my stomach, but for those moments when I feel like cold liquid soothing my tired throat, it's all worth it. Coke ad anyone?
  • Tonight's AI Results
    Finally, America sends Kevin home. To think his performance was actually slightly better than before. I'm just glad he's out and it wasn't Lisa, because I know that Lisa will hopefully make things better this time around.

    7 people I'm' tagging:
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