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Fifties Night!

The only thing getting me through the week is my weekly dose of American Idol. And I have to say, I actually enjoyed watching this week. The performances were entertaining and I think everyone's really trying their best to stay in the game.

And weird enough, I found myself kind of crushing on Barry Manilow. He's not hot, but he's talented and he was oh so nice to the contestants. He was so sweet and I seriously wanted to give him a hug. And despite the old age (?) he still looks so fit without a pot belly and all. Anyway...

  • Mandisa - "I Don't Hurt Anymore"
    I'm not a Mandisa fan, but I have to admit this was a very good performance. She started the show well, that's for sure. And I liked her hair. I thought she looked really pretty. I switched channels during the commercial and according Inside Edition, Mandisa shops for her own clothes that she wears on the show. She's got great taste. She always looks so classy.

  • Bucky Covington - "Oh Boy"
    I pity Bucky. I don't hate him, because he's so freaking likeable, but I just didn't think it was the best performance. He had to follow Mandisa's performance and that definitely wasn't the best thing for him. I found the way he moved kind of awkward and his vocals weren't great either. But he still managed to smile genuinely after. Such a sweetie.

  • Paris Bennett - "Fever"
    I knew she'd do this song! Her a cappella version in Hollywood week was stellar, so she knows she'd do a killer rendition. I don't like Paris, because she's too much like Fantasia and I want someone with a different style to win this year, but I think she's got a great sense of style and she sings really really well. Her performance was indeed flawless, and she was so good at it, but I'm sure that even if she didn't win AI, she'd still get a contract, because she's great. I'm still however, annoyed by her speaking voice.

  • Chris Daughtry - "Walk the Line"
    I know everyone else loves him. I don't. I thought it was bland and nearly as bad as Bucky. I also hate the fact that he "mixes up" the song to make it "his own." Why oh why can't he adapt to that type of genre??? And yet when others **cough** David **cough** stick to their genre because they're good at it, the judges accuse them of being too safe. It's obvious that there's favoritism from the producers or whatever. I'm sure Chris is a wonderful guy and he's got a family, but I just don't want him to win. Bottom line: If only I could kick Chris out, I would.

  • Katharine McPhee - "Come Rain or Come Shine"
    I love Katharine. And objectively speaking, I thought she did great. I had to watch the taped version though, because right when Katharine starts singing, my grandma calls for me and asks me about the UPCAT. I of course, want to be a nice granddaughter, so I talk to her and miss the performance. Thank god for the VCR. Since I fell for you was a great performance, but this one could probably top that. She made singing the song seem so damn easy and she was so great at it. Definitely not going to get kicked out.

  • Taylor Hicks - "Not Fade Away"
    I love Taylor because he's different. First off, he doesn't look like your generic pop star now, and he sounds different. I wasn't as impressed with him tonight, and that scares me because I hope he doesn't get kicked out yet. I know he'll do better next week. I can feel it. Still, at least he was entertaining unlike others **cough**Chris**cough** I'm such a hater.

  • Lisa Tucker - "Why Do Fools Fall in Love"
    I love Lisa too. I don't know why she ended up in the Bottom 3 last week, because I know there are other people who deserve to be there. This week, other than looking fabulous (i love her clothes), I thought she sounded great. She sounded young and she did look like she was having fun. Yes, not a stage veteran like Paris, but great in her own right. Please god. Please don't kick her out just yet. America, vote!

  • Kevin Covais - "When I Fall In Love"
    Kevin is like a cute younger brother, but I find him rather boring. He's got a great sound to him and my mom loves him to bits, so I surprisingly find this performance better than last week's. I've heard better renditions, and of all the songs to pick, he sings the one with so many covers already. Still, he was actually entertaining despite the small shirt he was wearing. Not my favorite, but better than last week. Nice specs too.

  • Elliott Yamin - "Teach Me Tonight"
    I love Elliot! Damn! Apparently, he sang the Al Jarreau version because he said so during his little video clip, but I really don't care whose version it was, because it blew me away. Elliott worked the song and really listened to Barry Manilow's advice. His voice was perfect and the "runs" (like what Randy says) were really amazing. Fans better vote for him a lot, because I want to see him next week. Other than his dismal performance of Heaven, Elliot has done nothing but great performances.

  • Kellie Pickler - "Walkin' After Midnight"
    I thought Kellie did a pretty good job. I thought she looked duling (cross-eyed) at the beginning, but she had a good performance. She knows how to work the stage without it being awkward. I just don't like the naive thing she's got going on. I know she may not know everything, but somehow I know she's smarter than she acts. Other than that, I thought she had a solid performance. Plus, she's got a lot of fans, so I'm not really worried about her.

  • Ace Young - "In the Still of the Night"
    Ace is a pretty boy, and I'm not his biggest fan. I haven't really been wowed by ANY of his performanes, so I'm not really rooting for him. This week, I thought he had a good performance. It wasn't the best, but it wasn't as bad as last week. I'm just glad he didn't attempt on doing another song Mario's done because he'll pale in comparisson. Still, with this performance, I don't think he deserves to be in the bottom three. Was his performance a good way to end the show? Not really.

    My Bottom Three
    1. Bucky
    2. Kevin
    3. Chris

    Will any of them actually get kicked out?
    I highly doubt it. With my luck, Lisa will say bye bye.

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