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You Cant Always Get What You want

The worst is over.

My brain has been raped by the Pol Sci 14 final exams.

As if humiliating myself in the creative thinking session wasn't enough. I specifically prayed that I wouldn't get chosen to be a speaker for the class debate because I know for a fact that I loathe public speaking.

Of course, the one thing I don't want to happen, is exactly what happens. So I get chosen within our group to do the opening statement for the debate. I thought it couldn't be too bad. We were going to prepare for it anyway. We just had to give the strong points of our side, and make it sound authentic. Of course, this wasn't as easy as I thought.

I for one, have never been a part of any kind of debate ever. I contented myself in joining absolutely NO extracurricular activities in highschool, leaving the debating, sports, service, academic excellence to everyone else. This of course, was going to bite me in the ass. Case in point, one week ago.

The class set up would be that neither group would know which side they were defending till a minute before the actual debate. This was of course, for sheer academic purposes, of making sure we mastered both conceptual approaches and so on. I was hoping against hope that my half of the group wouldn't get chosen.

We were assigned the Elite Family Approach and although it was hella interesting, I just didn't want to get chosen (for obviously selfish reasons). I have to give props to my groupmates though (go Odd group!) because these people have read not only the required readings but ALL of the optional readings. I feel like such a delinquent next to them. They can quote Philippine Society and Revolution like it was the song on the radio. These people who put Joma Sison to shame.

So yes, I felt like such an impostor in the group, but I have so much respect for my groupmates who work so hard that I couldn't help but feel guilty if I didn't do my best. So I attend every meeting we have and before I know it, I'm already bonding with these people. Yeah, it gets serious, but mostly, it's just a bunch of people hanging out who happen to discuss Class and Elite Family approaches.

Terrified of the prospect of getting chosen, I rely on pure old luck that I wouldn't get chosen.

Of course, it doesn't happen that way. I had a 50% chance of getting chosen and the odds were unforutnately not in my favor.

The fact that the first speaker of the even group happened to be part of UP Debate Society didn't help much either, and I most definitely paled in comparisson. As I took the podium to give my part, I could feel the words disappear and my heartbeat stop. My prof wanted blood and the only blood I could give him was the one coming out of my nose thanks to dizziness.

It was over in all of 5 minutes. Of course, I wasn't as effective in arousing the interest of the audience and I took a lot of loud deep breaths, but it was neccessary lest I pass out.

In the end, I thought our group did a fabulous job. I comfort myself in the fact that our presentation was escalating. It just kept getting better after me, which is a good thing. Jay, Tiffie and Divs were great at speaking and I think we did pretty well.

Fast forward to today, with the abuse or brain has gone through, what a fitting way to end my interesting semester of Pol Sci 14. Just two exams left next week and I'm actually going to be on summer. Whee.

bye bye pol sci 14... i might actually miss it
odd team is in black and the even team is in white

BELATED Happy Birthday nikkitaholic!!!
hope you had a fantastic day
i can still feel the oreo cheesecake in my tummy
take care of yourself! ♥
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