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Not him too!

American Idol is letting me down. The show's performances have been nothing but stellar, but the way they're voting is just making me sick. Tonight's show is just such a disappointment, I don't know who the hell's going to win this thing. Now you kick my David Radford out of the damn competition. I don't know what the judges and America were thinking, but I thought he was good. He sounded really good. And he wasn't even boring. I enjoyed it. Pamy is going to be heartbroken.

Sway didn't have to go either. I guess not enough Filipnos are voting for him. But he got kicked out before Bucky??? This is just an outrage. The judges really have an influence over people. Oh well...

I have to say that I'm really happy with the how the girls were kicked out. Brenna and Heather deserve to go and that's all I can say about it.

As disappointed as I am with the results, I can't wait to see how everyone's going to perform next week. I don't know how they'll kick out even more boys. Who else is going to go? The top 12 better be deserving because tonight's kick outs should have been there.

In other news, I saw Atom today. I guess since it's the season of the USC Elections, he's making himself visible tos how support for his party. He was at the Stand Up demonstration at the AS Steps. Seeing him though, I was so reminded of the Abu Sayyaf's Commander Robot or someone along those lines. He was dressed in a white shirt and military green pants, and then he had this scarf tied around his neck. I don't know why it came to mind so quickly, but it did. Still, with the scruff, and the disheveled look, I have to say he looked really good hot! He even had a camera around his neck and he was taking pictures of his Stand Up friends.

Speaking of elections, I was looking at the campaign pamphlets of the other parties and I realized that Kaisa has a hot candidate. Titus Tan who is running for USC Councilor, hailing from the College of Science, majoring in Molecular Biology and Biotechnology, is so hot! I haven't seen him in real life, but I wouldn't mind shaking his hand when he campaigns. Apparently, since they list all of your accomplishments underneath your mug shot, he's a consistent college scholar! Not bad considering he's in a difficult course.

Now to make sure I bump into him.

Off to study. Seriously. I've got group papers, group reports and exams to attend to and I have a feeling the weekend won't be enough time to do it all.

I cannot wait for summer.
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