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No Control except for the Remote Control

I have no self-control.

I have no class today and instead of spending it studying, I go online to check out who gets kicked out of American Idol. I'm seriously going to go to Academic hell.

First 4 to get the boot
  • Patrick Hall
    Why oh why? Why did they kick Patrick Hall> out? I can't accept this. Bucky should have gone home and instead they send of my favorites home. They couldn't even make him last one more freaking week??? Times like this, I wish I lived in the US, so I could vote. It's such a shame. I almost cried.

  • Bobby Bennett
    I wasn't his biggest fan, but I thought he was really nice. He took the judge's criticism so nicely, I wanted to cry. But the thing is, if I had to kick out a boy, it would be him, so I guess it's got to happen. But I feel really bad for him.

  • Becky O'Donahue
    Did the entire Maxim thing bring her down? I don't know. Because she sang pretty well. I wasn't a fan of the song and the fact that she knew it as a kid. Has anyone even read the lyrics of that song? I would be shocked if my kid were singing that at the top of her lungs on Christmas day. I don't really care about Becky, but I was hoping for Brenna.

  • Stevie Scott
    Not the biggest fan of her song choice, because she sang it kind of blandly, but I thought that Heather Cox did worse than her, so I was kind of shocked. Still, since I'm not exactly a huge of fan of the girls this season, save for a 4, it doesn't really matter to me. Who the hell are they going to kick out from the boys next week?

    As I sit comfortably in my chair (thanking God I skipped STS and Pol Sci 14), there are mass demonstrations going on in EDSA. I guess this was expected as it's the 20th anniversary of EDSA, but I hope it remains peaceful.

    What a way to start the weekend though. Must do my papers. They're due this week and I haven't started. Yes, I'm definitely ending up in Academic Hell.
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