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New York, New York

Such a do gooder, I've become. I helped my mom with the book wrapping and now, I have taught my little brothers how to label their own books. Aww... such sweet little boys they can be, if only they tried. Still, I'm not complaining, as they can be real brats too. Pietro and Pio are real devils too. It's such a shame they're going to class tomorrow. Oh well, my school rocks in that sense. I'm not going back to that little pink building till next Monday.

Suffice to say, this is my LAST Monday for the summer and according to a certain article I read, I'm supposed to be living it up by having a Mega Movie Monday. Well, that's not exactly what I did as I woke up at 3 pm. Well, I don't really blame myself. I did sleep at 6 in the morning. Not exactly very healthy, but I promised myself that tonight would be different. I am going to rest. Yes, rest. I always complain about not having enough sleep during the school year and yet here I am not doing anything about it.

So, now, I am about to eat dinner. My mom is about to call me to run down the stairs and chomp down on her scrumptious feast, and I'm thinking that i probably wasted my last Monday of the summer. I'm supposed to be having the Mega Movie Monday and no, I didn't do that at all. Such a sucker...

Still, I'm glad I actually have a week left. All my siblings are returning to the hell hole called school this week. Well tough luck for them, because for the first time, I'm actually thankful I'm in my school.

* * *

Now, I really want to go to New York. I'ts been a fantasy ever since, but I just needed a little boost. I'm a paparazzi freak. I know they killed Princess Diana, but I'm such a celebrity sucker, that I like seeing how stars are when they're not all made up and living their supposedly normal lives, like me, normal person.

Now it helps a lot if the guy you're crushing on now has camera men hounding him, becuase I get to see him in his normal state. Although, now that I think about it, hopefully it'll die down when I'm the one he's finally with.

Whoops! Looks like I missed my medication today. Delusional tendencies are a bitch. My bad.
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