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I want my Idol 7 times a week

School sucks so bad, I have to rely on the television to make me happy. American Idol has done just that. The twelve boys and twelve girls have performed and I just think they're all pretty wonderful. There are the blah ones, but there are also the really great ones.

I watch it twice a day. First, during the 6pm show where I tape it for Pamy, because she stays at the office so damn long, she'll miss every single replay of the show. Then I watch it with her when she finally gets home, advertisement free.

Another thing is I think it's unfair that there has to be 6 boys and 6 girls. I like more guys than the girls and I think they're better performers. The girls were kind of boring, and only a few stood out for me. Thus, I have come up with my own list, of unequal proportions. But who cares? It's not like it's going to happen.

My Top 4 Girls (for now)
  • Lisa Tucker
  • Katherine McPhee
  • Paris Bennett
  • Kellie Pickler

    My Top 8 Boys (for now)
  • Will Makar
  • David Radford
  • Patrick Hall
  • Ace Young
  • Taylor Hicks
  • Gedeon McKinney
  • Kevin Covais
  • Sway Penala

    How the hell are they going to kick out any of the guys when they're mostly good. I liked Bucky Covington and Bobby Bennet the least. Although I felt bad for Bobby because he seemed really likeable. But Bucky just has to go. As for the girls, I'd probably send Brenna and Heather Cox home. They were just blah and again, more boys deserve to stay.

    Ryan Seacrest is looking hotter as the season goes by. I have to say that my crush on him is getting stronger with each episode. And with Simon (who's sometimes annoying cause he's just so hard to please) on the show, I can barely breathe. There's too much hotness going around.

    Why can't Idol just happen every single day?
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