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How soon is Sunday?

Week Of Terror
  • Monday: Soc Sci 2 Midterms
  • Wednesday: STS Midterms
  • Thursday: Eng 1 Midterms
  • Saturday: UP MCO Final Rites

    I cannot wait till Sunday.

    So far, the exams have been nothing but deadly. I don't know if others found them easy, but I had a difficult time. I'm just never sure of answers and I hate that. I always end up second guessing myself, which isn't great when taking exams.

    A word to sum up my tests is confusing. I studied my ass off, that's for sure. But I just couldn't seem to get the information straight when its asked in really weird constructed sentences.

    My daddy has been picking me up from school two days in a row, so that's a great thing. I don't mind commuting, but when it comes to the afternoon, I'm usually tired. So I definitely won't pass up a free ride. I miss the school bus. It was so convenient and I didn't have to worry about getting home late or taking care of my things. I could sleep and it wouldn't matter. Now, I have to be so wary and aware.

    I'm still worried over my Dobby costume. My mom is already making the sack outfit, and my Paola made my ears, but I don't know if that's enough. I'm going to look for green stockings or tights tomorrow. I don't want to let anyone down this time and I really hope my costume isn't too plain.

    I really can't wait for Sunday.

    Happy Birthday chenelle!!!
    hope you had a fantastic day
    take care of yourself! ♥
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