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January : Not So Usual (Jason Mraz)

This is the most unusual story
of a most unusual girl
She's the paint in my picture
of a most unusual world

She can crawl out a frame
while she's hanging on the wall
And she's calling my name

she's not so usual

She's mostly a ghost
the way she watches over me
She complains when I smoke
but then you do the same to me
She's controlling my brain activity
knowing when I go to sleep
She'll catch me when I'm falling hard

she's most unusual

She's not so hooked on the drugs like I thought that she was
And never suckin' on the lime and hardly sippin' on the wine
And despite of her bi-polar roller coastering
I think I can trust she'll keep me singing differently

And that's fine
'Cause she's with me now most all of the time
Trying and savin' my life
Thinking not of her own

And always kissing me goodnight
When I just need to be alone
She's so sweet
So discrete
She's exactly what I need
Not even make believe...

Oh, Not so usual
and not too practical either,
What's that, she's
not so mystical
but not too magical either,
I said she's not so out of control
and not so into the phone.
She's not so usual
shes a natural
oh she's not so usual
she wants to do us all
shes not so you

Competing against Jamie Cullum's Mind Trick and Joss Stone's Don't Cha Wanna Ride, it was difficult to decide.

I guess missing the concert made me listen to Jason Mraz even more and thus receiving the honor of being the first song of the year.
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