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Things to Try

patty: happy birthday dear!!!
hana: thanks!
patty: have a great day. god bless!
hana: you too!
hana: i am drunk
hana: ahahahaha
hana: niiiiight
patty: sober up then.
hana: ewww no
hana: ahahahahahahahaha
hana: exceptcanijustsaythere'saguysleepingonmybed
hana: ahahahahaha
hana: ilovecolleghe
hana: itssofuckingawesome
hana: likeinthemovies
patty: it is indeed
patty: glad you're having a blast
hana: hope you hook up witth atom soon
hana: niiiiiiiiiiight

One day, I'd like to get really drunk. Silly wish, but I'm too afraid to get really pissed. It does seem like a lot of fun. I know your head hurts and you'll be puking (the only downside for me), and some people even get really bad rashes on their backs.

Movies probably glorify the process of being inebriated and yet I can only wish some hot guy a la Heath Ledger will take care of me without taking advantage of me in Ten Things I Hate About You or like Hugh Grant, as he carried Sandra Bullock to her gorgeous apartment in Two Weeks Notice. I know that my drunken experience to be won't be as great as the movies, but I'd still like to try.

Not anytime soon though. Just to calm down the nerves of any parental figures who happen to be stalking this. It's still Shirley Temples for me.

Happy Birthday hanachua!!!
Hope you got the guy out of your bed.
lots of love ♥♥♥


Happy Birthday intrinsicity!!!
Hope you dont get as drunk as Hana, but have fun!
lots of love ♥♥♥
Tags: dreams and goals
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