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Loads Better

This day couldn't get any better.

I saw Atom today!!! During my four and a half hour break, I was on my way to the chapel and he walked right by me. Sure, we didn't exchange pleasantries, he barely even glanced, but I've gone so long without any contact with males that this moment with Atom of all people was worthwhile.

It was raining (which is weird now that its january) and I had my gigantic umbrella covering me. The umbrella kind of calls the attention of people. I'm totally oblivious to his presence and when I look up, he also looks up and we look at each other for a quarter of a second, before my shocked face gives me away and I'm too freaking embarrassed to do anything else, but walk away quickly.

I haven't see him since last year and because of my crummy schedule, I haven't been able to just hang out in AS -- where he usually is.

But today, my heart stopped again as he glanced at me in his black shirt and cargo pants (eep!) and his cap that kind of looked like the one Che Guevara wears. If only his shoelaces were untied, then I could have told him so and then I would actually be talking to him.

But alas, I must content myself with stolen moments that are far and few in between.

Yesterday, I was feeling like shit. Today, I feel so much better.
Tags: team c, weather and calamities
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