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24 more hours

UP-MCO Application Process
  • Talent Show
  • Batch Project: Symposium
  • Batch Presentation
  • Final Interview
  • Induction

    In 24 hours, I will be a happier, more relaxed person.

    I need all the prayers I can get. It's the symposium tomorrow, and its make or break time. Time to show the members all the effort we put in.

    Then I can go back to worrying 100% about my academics, which I feel as if I totally let go off thanks to the application. No one to blame but myself. I must concentrate from now on though. It's time to get serious.

    In other news, today marks the first of my crying induced by school related stress moment of the year. It's always part of my New Years Resolutions to stop crying and become a bit stronger than the cry baby that I am. Unfortunately this morning, I wasn't the fighter I wanted to be. Blame it on Soc Sci 2 and the upcoming symposium, but I gave in to my awfully loose tear ducts.

    Thanks to Pamy though for the quasi hug. Only you can give me those.

    Here goes nothing...

    happy 19th birthday haddie!!!
    hope you become an even good-er girl
    love you lots! ♥
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