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Old School

Last night, I attended Hannah's 19th Birthday in Sugi. I hadn't seen my highschool friends since Iza's birthday in October so that was really a long way back. Though we weren't complete, it was a good thing, Hannah's blockmates were there in full force.

The food was AMAZING!!! Obviously, our side of the table was a lot "hungrier" than the others, but I just couldn't resist those little California makis and the tamago sushi. I ♥♥♥ Japanese food!!!

I miss my high school friends. Sitting across them for a few hours, I realize that I need to see them more often. We should definitely go out more often.

I was so happy to see Jo and Cathy again. I hadn't seem them in forever too and it was so much fun to laugh and talk about how everyone was doing.

lee, iza, hannah and me

Tomorrow, it's back to reality. I only have two days left till the symposium and the batch presentation and I'm scared. I need prayers and luck. By Tuesday evening, I'll be a very happy girl.
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