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Excruciatingly Wonderful

Typing actually hurts.

After enjoying a delicious PE class yesterday morning, I am now suffering the effects of becoming a bum and then shocking my body with the bench press.

Despite the pain I feel right now, I definitely had a great time in class. It helps that my PE teacher is SMOKING HOT!!! He's a SEA Games Gold Medalist in Arnis and did I mention how nice his body is? Of course, he's a wonderful educator. I'm learning a lot from him, like how to look weak with the dumbbells, in order to catch his eye and help me with the heavy equipment, so to speak.

Don't think I'm the only one staring though. My class has got boys and girls in it, and the girls are all in on it with me. When my professor changed his shirt, I found myself drooling, only to find out I was the only girl looking. The rest were too modest. They actually turned around. That merited a laugh from him (the teacher), and a blush rushed to my cheeks.

The guys in our class like him for a different reason though. He teaches really well. Instead of letting us rely on the machines (we are in weight training after all), because he wants us to master our form with the free weights. Damn. He's really good.

So what if my body aches like my bones are about to pop out of my skin. And every word I type here gives me an even more excruciating pain than I've ever known? Just the fact, that's he's assisted me on most of our work outs (in a totally non-pervy way just so I'm clear) is more than enough compensation.
Tags: college freshman, guilty crushes
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