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Seriously Study

I must study.

Soc Sci 2 and my other subjects apparently require a lot of reading. And that is something I can hardly do. I can read novels, but somehow, I can't read readings for school. They just don't interest me, despite their interesting matter.

What interests me?


However, today's Soc Sci 2 test gave me a jolt. I only knew the answer to one number and I knew I could do much much better than that. It made me feel so stupid. And I don't like feeling stupid.

So, I resolve to really reading for class and preparing even harder. I must work hard. Though I feel no drive for studying, I must push myself harder. Ack, I sound like a wannabe nerd.

I hope I'm finally called in Pol Sci 14 though. There are too many numbers to think of already and I'm getting really confused.

In org-related matters, I'm proud to say, I've got 12 members left to sign my sig-sheet. Difficult, because I just never see these people. I'm trying my best to hold on here. I find myself feeling lazy (what's new?) and yet, I don't want to quit. Hopefully, the symposium turns out well, because all those speakers I had asked to join are probably expecting an extravaganza.

Under pressure indeed.

Back to Pol Sci 14. And if you didn't already know it, the Philippines is a poor country. I've also got the figures to back that claim up. Now, if I can only remember half those digits.

Happy Birthday _kendra7!!!
hope you had a rockin day in the Big Apple
lots of love ♥♥♥
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