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So Long 2005

This year has been somewhat of a good year. I didn't get too depressed, or at least I'll pretend I didn't and nothing way tragic happened. Or maybe that's cause I've already blocked it out of my system.

January spelled the first month without PB. It was weird to say the least and a little lonely. Luckily, <Gela's invitation to be a part of cotillion for her debut, I welcomed a great distraction to keep my mind off my brother's leaving.

February I celebrated my 18th Birthday Not your conventional debut, as I had no male guests, and instead I danced with every single one of my female friends, I had a ton of fun! This month also ushered in the last IW card of my high school life, and the admission to my dream college. Other than the horrible physics tests, this month was a blast.

March brought about a huge disappointment in my life. Graduation wasn't much of a highlight as I didn't get an recognition for the hard work I knew I put in. It was a blow to my self esteem and it took a huge toll on my pride, but life went on. I had finally gotten out of high school, and award or not, I was going to celebrate. The grad ball was certainly a surprising event, more on amusing really.

April was my bum period (when wasn't it anyway?) and I was able to bombard myself with a lot of movies. From just watching tv (American Idol rules!) all day to hanging out in the cinemas. This month was a great time. This month also gave us the proud moment of genius Pamy's graduation. I'm still so proud.

May left Pamy and myself on a great journey. We were let loose in the streets of New York with no parents and bundles of cash (what bundles?). Probably my best summer ever, we survived despite our constant bickering and endless camera whoring.

June started a new era for me. The life as a college student. The fact that I was accepted was enough for me and the great thing was I got all the subjects I had applied for. However, I was also in for a lot of hard work. PB came home for a little while and that felt like summer all over again.

July got me to break into my college routine complete with Breakfast every morning. The AS lobby was a venue for many exciting events of atomic proportions. Also, instead of reading up on Kapampangan history for my Eng 10 paper, I buried myself in Harry Potter book 6 instead.

August showed me my first college hell weeks. I would have died on the first week if not only to complete my perfect attendance points in these subjects. The work was settling in and I was getting swamped with work. Luckily, I was blessed with some paid time. I wouldn't mind being given another year.

September was the end of a semester that didn't want to end. It also allowed me to dance for my PE! Street Dancing gave me aches and pains every other day, but it was definitely worthwhile. Hot teachers are also an incentive.

October gave me my first college semestral break. I've always had just one week off, and now I was given an entire month of doing nothing. There were close encounters with celebrities and even a few text messages that were saved. Then there was the grand debut of my princess Iza. I was reunited with my barkada as we dressed up in wonderfully cupcake-ish dresses. What a sight!!! And of course, PB coming home was the highlight of it all.

November brought me back to reality and gave me my first registration for college. What a nightmare! Long lines, crummy schedules and really bad heat gave me a taste of the real college experience when CRS doesn't love you and the finish line is a mere mirage. It also gave me my first Pol Sci 14 embarrassment (the first of more to come) and just the realities of not getting the nicest (however brilliant) professors in the college.

December left me looking forward to the Christmas break. I just wanted to get out of school, but not without a little entertainment and a bit of ornithology to spice things up. Once break was in full swing, I spent some time in a beach, in a hotel and dolled up for my dad's 25th homecoming. Despite the hectic schedule, I managed to have fun with my family. Then Christmas came and went but not without having to say goodbye to loved ones. Some of them for good, others were really just see you laters.

Good bye 2005 and here's to 2006!

Hopefully we'll all have a greater year
filled with love ♥ and lots of blessings.
happy happy new year to everyone

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