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The Other Little Girl

My dad's weeklong celebration of his 25th Homecoming from Medicine is finally over. It was tiring, but fun. Staying in the beach for the weekend, and the hotel this week wasn't about to dampen our spirits either. Then the party last night sealed the deal on my weight gain. Oh well...

entire family all dolled up

Another little girl has been added to the exclusive circle of little girls I don't hate. Her name is Phebe and she is the most adorable little girl in the world.

Her sister, Mia is another possible member, but Phebe is definitely in. She is so adorable and though she can get really naughty and silly at times, I didn't mind looking after her at all. She is the sweetest ever!

On another note...
happy birthday holdmesam!!!
hope you have a great birthday
and an awesome christmas!
here's to more birthdays!

ps. thanks to thisismorning for her holiday card! It's wonderful! hope you've received mine.
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