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Ornithology and my second of Fame

I can't believe I was actually about to pass up the Oblation Run.

Thursday morning, it was raining and I was so lazy to go to my last day of school before the Christmas break. I was dreading three hours of class and I really just wanted to go home and curl into a ball and sleep.

Finally, after counting down my three hours of class, I was seriously ready to go home. But when I step out of my classroom, AS was packed with people. The corridors were lined with people. Lots of people. Mostly females, but a lot nevertheless.

There were camera crews too. All major networks were there to televise the event. I had already spotted lots of my friends in the crowd and I was getting a little tempted to watch. But I looked at the clock and it was only 11:30. I would have to wait thirty whole minutes before we saw anything.

Finally, I decide to stick it out. I mean, how long could thirty minutes be, right? I pick a great spot. I'm right there at the entrance of the AS lobby and I'm right next to the human barricade. I thought the barricade would be of no help. How wild could people get anyway?

Thirty minutes was apparently really quick. Mindy finally arrived and were smack in front.

Finally, after many false alarms and plenty of pleas with the fratmen to move away and give us space to see, the men came.

Completely NAKED men with masks on their faces ran right in front of us twice and it was certainly a sight to see. Not that I have anything to compare anything against, it certainly wasn't much of a treat. But as Mindy and I were saying. Attending the damn thing was a right of passage as a UP student. You just had to be there, with the crowd cheering these naked guys on.

Finally, when all the naked guys had passed, I decided I had had enough. It was time to go home. Stepping out of AS, the entire academic oval was filled with people. Cameras in hand, flashes everywhere. That many people were there. It was certainly overwhelming! Still, I was quite pleased with my prime spot in the crowd of people.

When I get home that evening, I decide to watch the local evening news. Everyone at home wanted to see the action happening at UP that morning. The GMA news had showed their bit, complete with blurring out of certain parts, but the ABS-CBN part had a little interesting bit.

I was on TV!!!

For a split second there, they showed me and my "shocked" look as the APO members came running by. I have to say that my shock was genuine. And though I did see the camera crew, I didn't really think they'd use the footage with me in it. It was funny seeing myself on tv.

It was sweet because some of my friends actually texted me and said they had seen me on tv. I felt like a celebrity even if it was just second. My grandmother called me too. She asked what I was wearing this morning. I tried joking her, telling her I was wearing a blue shirt. Eventually I owned up to my being there in my bright-hard-to-miss-orange shirt. Nice to know I had a fan in my grandmother.

Less than 365 days till the next run.
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