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Twisted Talent

Last Wednesday, had my "talent with a twist" for MCO. It was the Araw ng Aliw at Baliw and I was really really nervous. I was so nervous, that my legs were shaking and despite the sleepines, I was running on pure adrenaline.

For my talent, I had decided on doing a song number. Singing I can, but performing in front of other people, who I'm not exactly super duper comfy with was a challenge. Of course, since it was supposed to be a twist, I couldn't exactly just stand there singing. They would be bored. So I decided to alternate playing the song on my recorder (thanks Sir Dino) and I'd sing the verses in a handstand (comlpete with a rush of blood to the head!).

So I decided on a Christmas song. Last Christmas by Wham to be specific. I know it's not the coolest song. Whatever. But it was short and the lyrics were somewhat familiar.

Guess what?!? I totally fuck it up. I forget all the lines and I'm there, freaking intimdated and scared that I'm about to make a total fool of myself. And well, I did make a fool of myself. I'm making up the entire song and I probably look really really stupid.

I'm just so glad the the MCO folk were super duper kaduper nice to me. They were probably really feeling really humiliated for me, but they were so damn nice, I just did everything they asked of me. I am so thankful for that. ♥

Me + singing = disaster
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