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Princess Diaries 2

Yes, a movie is in the works. Being such a fan of the book, I didn't think the first movie was such a great adaptation. However, I think that the movie was -- for a lack of a better word -- entertaining. I'm a really easy person to please and the movie made me laugh.

The thing is, the movie wasn't exactly very true to the book and yet a second movie is coming out and the more this one has nothing to do with the actual context of the what Meg Cabot had so brilliantly written. Nevertheless, the second movie has some high points and low ones.

Low points: Besides the fact that they don't follow the book, Michael Moscovitz's character won't even be there. Robert Carmine/Schwartman/Copolla-Cage or whatever he wants to be called right now, is concentrating on his band, Rooney. If you ask me though, I think he just refuses to do the movie as it'll cramp his emo-punk style. I don't blame him. The people who listen to his music are not the people who will watch the said movie. With an exception of a few people like me. Lana, Josh and a whole bunch of characters won't be there either.

High points: Cute guys. Take out one hot guy and replace him with two cuties. Two new characters who happen to be very very cute. Callum Blue and Chris Pine are just too cute. Actually, they're very pretty and I am quite jealous. Another thing is, I'm such a Anne Hathaway fan that any movie she's in, I'm definitely going to watch.

So, for those interested, here's the synopsis of the movie:
After getting over the revelation that she is a princess and part of the royal family of the small and obscure European nation of Genovia (with a population of just 50,000), American teenager Mia (Hathaway) moves to the actual country she represents, with her best friend, Lilly (Matarazzo) tagging along during summer vacation (note: they're both now high school graduates). As she learns the job of being a country's future ruler, one challenge she's faced with is the prospect of being set up in an arranged marriage.

The Princess Diaries

The Princess Diaries 2: A Royal Engagement
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