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Long Week

I've been really busy with school this week. It's so weird becuase I only started applying for MCO last Wednesday, and it's already felt like forever. I've had a hectice end of the week and I'm hoping that this last week before the Christmas break falls into place.

The application process isn't exactly a breeze to get through, but I'm just crossing my fingers that I make it through alive. I've been going home really late too and that's been an adjustment. I don't usually commute after dark, and I actually did it for two days straight. Alone too. obviously proud of myself.

Other than the org though, I've been really tired. I guess getting home late and staying in school the whole day really wears me out.

In better news, I have a really cute PE teacher. I'm taking weight training and I thought I had signed up for a female professor. I'm not disappointed that she isn't our professor anymore, because our new teacher is a SEA Games gold medalist in Arnis!!! Not only does he have a really nice speaking voice, he's got a really nice body too.

Joydee and I were so distracted during class. Of course, I'm sure he knows he's hot, and thus assigned himself to take care of the girls while his not so hot partner took care of the boys. Sure my legs are still sore from all those squats we did in class, but at least I found a reason to wake up so early to go to class.
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