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No Stopping Us

Well, I finally went ahead and did it.

I'm applying for an org.

I know it's not exactly the most life changing decision for others, but to me, this was a HUGE step. I didn't join last semester with the excuse that I needed to get a feel of college first. I was "too busy" with school work and I needed to concentrate.

Now that it's the second semester, I had no plans of joining an org, once more. My excuse this semester was that my subjects were difficult and I needed to once again "concentrate" on them. I don't exactly like my subjects this semester. Most of them concern group paper/reports and I'm just no good with a group.

Yesterday, I saw Ruth (already a member of MCO) and I was talking to her about how Sandra and Marian were already applying. Even two of my STS classmates were applying. And then I realized that I even had a Pol Sci 14 classmate who was applying to MCO. I really didn't know what org I was going to join, but I knew that I didn't want to go through hell-ish processes that other orgs put their applicants through. I was willing to go through a process that somehow justified me joining it.

So I went for it. With Iris, I applied late to MCO and they were just so nice to us. Despite our late-ness, they welcomed us. I know it's going to be tough work applying, but for a weird reason, I'm actually really psyched about applying. I usually hate doing other things other than school work, but doing the sigsheet and the autobiography, and even the talent show is challengin me.

I'm only one day into a long process and it's not going to be easy, but I realized that if I apply next year, it's only going to be harder (with more work for my majors and probably a worse schedule than I have now). So no more excuses for me. I'm going to commit myself to this application and hope for the best. Of course, I still have my academics as a priority. But I think I deserve a little fun.

Here goes nothing.
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