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Shit Happens

Today cannot get any worse than it already has.

I got to school on time today, but my first class teacher decides not to show up that day. Wonderful. It's really okay with me, except that my stomach hurts like hell and the comfort rooms don't offer much comfort. I end up reading and reading and reading some more for my next class. Soc Sci 2 is a class I don't want to mess up.

Finally, my teahcer arrives into our always too silent classroom and she's discussing Athens blah blah blah. Then she asks how Athena was born. I knew that. How could I forget that? We had to read Mythology over and over and it had been ingrained in my head. Unfortunately, the wrong thing came out of my mouth. I recount Aphrodite's birth.

The class gets even more quiet (if possible), and my professor looks blank. I'd rather she looked livid, but she just looked as if she was so disappointed. I felt so stupid, I just wanted to sink into the floor. Seriously. Why did I even open my mouth?!? I was trying to make a great impression on my teacher, and I end up making a fool of myself.

Note to self: Shut up and keep your hand down.

I don't turn red (because I never do), but insides are feeling a burn and I just want to melt into the floor. I just wanted to disappear. This professor isn't exactly the candy-sweet-kindness type. She's tough, and she means business. Great going. I wanted to shoot myself.

Finally, class is over and I head over to my next building where I must wait for three hours due to my horrible schedule. As I open my lunch, I hear cats meowing.

I am deathly afraid of cats. Tigers and Lions I can handle, but small cats, scare the shit out of me. I try shooing one away. Before I know it, they're surrounding me. Getting really near. I try to stand up and amble away, but I'm too late. I try to sit on the ledge, but these stupid cats can jump really high. Why oh why did they have to attack me? I know they're hungry but there's really nothing I can do for them.

Finally, I decide to just get away from that place. I can't bear to stay another minute surrounded by cats and I'm hungry as hell, but my stomach is aching like crazy. I try going to the Chapel, but before I even get there, the mass ends. I end up going to the computer center, where I actually shell out money (something I'm not doing too often nowadays) and I actually spend. The DSL connection soothes my soul.

Thanks to Pamy for reading my mail. I just needed to vent. I hope this day ends better than it started. Because if this is an omen of the week to come, then I am in deep shit.
Tags: college freshman, health, killer cats, siblings
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