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News To Me

Kim just told me the most disturbing celebrity news I've heard in ages.

Apparently, Ciara, the girl responsible for such dance tracks as Goodies and 1, 2 Step is supposedly engaged to none other than... Lil Bow Wow!

This is disturbing for a number of reasons. First off, he's younger than her. So young, he could actually pass for her little brother. I saw that Jojo video with him in it, and they looked like they were the same age. And Jojo is only thirteen, or something like that.

What's worse is, Kim says that these rumors could only be a publicity stunt ward off the other rumor about Ciara. Now what could that other rumor be?

Apparently, there was news that Ciara was a hermaphrodite.

Honestly, I'd chose the hermaphrodite rumor over Bow Wow. At least, I had no choice with that one. I was born that way. And it's not like its a defect. Its just the way you were born. You had absolutely no say in it. But having Bow Wow as a fiance is just wrong. You're totally responsible for that one and there's no one else to blame but yourself.

Poor Ciara.
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