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Sayonara Paranoia

Paranoia strikes at the oddest moments. For me, it's practically all the time.

Just like this morning, at around 2:30 am. I look out my window, and there's car parked. Smack in front of our house. It shouldn't have been odd, except the car's engine was running, his lights were open and I couldn't make who was inside the damn vehicle.

First thing that enters my mind is that person is a killer and is waiting for our house to be still before breaking in and murdering everyone inside. Very positive, but that's actually what I'm thinking. Or he could have been a rapist, or arson. I'm such a positive person, obviously.

So, I wait for the guy to surface. I even wake my PB up to look out the window with me. He doesn't budge at all, and the car engine is still running. PB tells me that its probably just a drunk guy, waiting to sober up. Logical indeed, but I'm not buying it. I'm still bent on the killer scenario.

So I suggest we turn on the lights outside our house to jolt the potential killer and show him we're very aware and ready, when we're not really. I'm scared shitless and PB looks sleepy. So he ends up sleeping, and I wait.

I'm seated on my bed, waiting for a CD to play on my [destroyed] radio that takes forever to read CDs if it even bothers to play them. I actually start playing. I wasn't in the mood to die so early in the morning.

After a few more minutes, the driver's door opens and a guy stumbles out of the car. And he is so obviously drunk. Still, he could be a killer, or a rapist. Or he could be high. The guy walks funny and he's stretching and probably trying to get all sober. Then, before I know it, he unzips his pants and starts taking a wiss.

In front of his car. People usually do this thing against a wall. But no. He just stands in the middle of the road, peeing. He is so obviously drunk. And my imagination is so obviously wild.

I was just glad he was just drunk and hopefully a normal, non-killing person. I've watched too many suspense movies. way too much.
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