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Crummy Schedule

I actually spent 4 and a half hours in school today doing nothing.

Sure, I was able to hang out with Lee and Mindy because of this, but next week, that won't happen.

It's just that my schedule really stinks and I'm really annoyed about it. I have to wait for a whole three hours before I get a 2:30 class of Env Sci that I'm not exactly interested in. No Thanks to CRS I get a crummy schedule which equals to a crummy sem.

Although today, things weren't too crummy hanging out with Lee and Mindy. As we sat at the AS lobby, watching time fly by, Atom not only passed by me once, not twice, but THRICE!!! And one time, he actually looked at us!!!

Obviously, he could have just been looking at the ground, but Mindy verified the look and it was indeed directed at us. Maybe it was because we were laughing our asses off, or maybe because I was staring him down like a rabid stalker. Still, I could feel my cheeks flush (even if I barely blush).

My paranoid self tells me that he has finally realized that I am the girl who found his back pack in Rockwell and was staring him down as he ate his sandwich. But reality seeps in and tells me that he's just staring blankly into space that I happen to fill in. Oh well...

Thursday today... and that can only mean Friday's up next. I cannot wait!
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