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Nightmare before the Nightmare

I really can't have it all.

With PB finally back from Singapore, the sembreak just had to END. Sure, I don't go back to school till Thursday, but I have to enroll myself. Thanks to my hiatus last summer, I wasn't able to experience UP enrollment. To think that was the easier version. Now, I actually have to line up in the Math building because CRS wouldn't give me my Math 2.

The sembreak (though long) seemed so freaking short. All those days wasting away in front of the television, and on my bed are gone. I am back to the daily grind of school and I'm not looking forward to it. The first semester was enough of a challenge, now I'm actually going back for more.

Obviously, school is nearing as I am back to my whiney self.

Tags: college freshman, siblings, vacation
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