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My Little Ashton

It's nice to know that my feminine wiles work. Sure, the target didn't wasn't exact, but at least it hit a boy. Yes, a boy. Not a man, not even a teenage guy, a little boy.

After Iza's debut last Saturday, a little boy from the 1st batch of the cotillion actually called me up at home!

Yes, our conversation basically consisted of him asking for his picture in my camera, but nevertheless he actually called. I found this surprising in a pleasant way, because this kid's got confidence. Not all guys have the courage to call up an "older woman" but he had enough guts.

Now the annoying part came when he called again after a few minutes. Yes, he's a cute kid, but remembering that I hate kids irked me a little. This kid was going to get on my nerves if he called one more time.

Still, its good to know I'm still a girl and though my flirting tactics don't work well with my age group, at least I know they work somehow. On little boys. So, I guess I should tell him to call me back in ten years, if he's still a hottie.
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